photography is one of the only ways to preserve a specific moment and feeling in time.

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I'm a Maryland wedding + portrait photographer who believes candid photos are the best way to preserve a specific moment and feeling in time. I understand moments are fleeting and you want to be able to relive them over and over. Photographs provide such a great way to do that! Whether it's your wedding day or your little one on the way saving those memories through photos is an honor.

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I understand you want to be able to feel comfortable.

Getting Katelyn as our photographer was by far the best decision we made for our wedding! She absolutely killed the game and we couldn’t imagine how our wedding would have gone without her. We will absolutely be using Katelyn for all of our future photography needs!

Making connections is my jam.

my family is my number one and i understand wanting to preserve memories.

Whether it's your wedding day or your preserving another family milestone, I understand connecting with your photographer is hands down one of the most important things about the process. I believe creating connection leads to better, more authentic photos.

There are certain things I’m sure of when it comes to my service...


I believe that it is important to capture the love between couples, families, children, and parents in candid manner as these are times you will never be able to recreate.


I believe that photography is one of the only ways to preserve a specific moment and feeling in time.


I believe that the connection I create with my clients is extremely important and the experience is not the same without developing that.

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Connect with an amazing photographer

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What We Do

Katelyn Brown Photography is a Maryland based wedding and portrait photographer for engaged couples and families full of love. We preserve memories to last a lifetime such as engagements, weddings, maternity shoots, and family portrait sessions.

Meet Katelyn

mother. writer. photographer.

Hey! I’m Katelyn- mom to a girlie girl; wife to a loving husband; dog mom to two oversized lap dogs; home goods addict; Joanna Gaines wannabe; and memory moment capturer.

My favorite days start with a sugar free, coconut milk latte and end with an oversized glass of wine. They are filled with adventure, time with friends and family, listening to a good crime podcast and maybe even some Cafe Rio sweet pork tacos loaded with cilantro. I absolutely hate cold weather, The Office, and people who drive with their blinker on, but to be honest, as long as I can day dream about the beach, I’d be happy.
Everything I love, I love tirelessly. Which makes photographing easy for me. You see, I’m not just a wedding, family, or special occasion photographer working to please my clients. My goal is to capture their special moments, freeze those hugs, first kisses, silly looks, and beautiful twirls, so that when my clients look back at these photos, they can replay that moment in their heads and remember that feeling all over again. From the look of a grandparent, to a kiss from your growing child- those are memories I want my clients to have for forever. It’s what I love and it’s why I love photography.

i love capturing a wedding and watching a family grow

5 out of 5 Katelyn is our go to for family photos. She somehow manages to always capture the best in all of us (dog and toddler included)!

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